We provide a comprehensive range of services which assures our loyal clients that their vehicles are in safe, experienced hands. Whether it’s time your car had a service or it’s due an MOT, its electrics have failed or the clutch has gone, there’s no need to panic. All you need to do is call Christopher at Direct Mobile Tyres and all will be well.

Our services include:

Winter Tyres

Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres do not harden at low temperatures. This means they provide a much firmer grip on the road during cold and icy conditions, which reduces the chance of an accident. Winter tyres are as quiet and comfortable as summer tyres and, thanks to new sophisticated compound technology, will last just as long.


Direct Mobile Tyres carry out vehicle repair services for clients across Bradford and the surrounding areas. Our expertise encompasses all aspects of your vehicle, including electrical and window repairs. We will always inspect your car before providing you with a quote. As the work progresses, we keep you in the loop and will always consult you if any additional, unexpected costs surface before continuing.


Regularly servicing your vehicle is the smart way to maintain a smooth, trouble-free ride. Spotting any small problems before they become big issues saves you the hassle and inconvenience of arranging costly repairs which could have been prevented.

Tyre Fitting

We understand that quality tyres are vital, as they form the only contact between your car and the surface of the road. That doesn’t mean that decent tyres need to come at a premium. Our specialists can source tyres from both ends of the spectrum, from performance tyres to budget brands. No matter which tyres you choose, they will be expertly fitted by professionals who will ensure that your wheels are well balanced before allowing your car to leave the garage. When the weather turns, it is important to be prepared. We can source a range of quality winter tyres to better equip you against the harsh conditions which winter brings.
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